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The DWQ2011 rules is based on EQL, NQR, Challenge-Smackdown. Admins can change/fix rules if problems occur.

Duelomaniac #1 is an online QuakeWorld 1on1 deathmatch competition that uses a double elimination system. As the tournaments first goal is to provide fun and entertainment for all involved, and will not result in any substantial financial benefits for the winners, it may seem strange to have rules in the first place. However, whenever a competitive aspect is present, some rules will be necessary to make sure everyone can face eachother in a fair environment. Furthermore, the tournament system and its regulations provide for smoother handling of the competition and gives it the official nature that separates a tournament match from regular practice games.

Allowed modifications

Required ruleset: smackdown (ezQuake), nqr (FTE), eql (Fodquake). How? ruleset smackdown (in console) / disconnect / reconnect , allow_scripts 0 works without reconnecting.

For routing, Qizmo 2.91 is allowed, prefered method is however the new QWfwd proxy

Rulesets and noscripting are strict. All games should be started with checking that all models are ok, scripts are turned off and that players use an allowed client. If a players disobeys the rules recording the just stated it will result in a default loss (map).

(Players are required to do f_ruleset checks before gamestart.
Using disallowed clients/proxies will lead to a direct loss of the map. Continious usage will result in more drastic concequenses.)

Clients & Proxies

The following clients are permitted: ezQuake 1.9.3 Stable (build 2572), ezQuake 2.0 Stable (and 2.0.1 Stable), ezQuake 2.1 Alpha (build 3143 only), ezQuake 2.1 beta, Fodquake 0.2, FTE 3343.
All clients must be started with the correct ruleset: smackdown (ezQuake), nqr (FTE), eql (Fodquake). How? "ruleset smackdown" (in console), then disconnect and reconnect. "allow_scripts 0" works without reconnecting.


Allowed maps this season are :
+ Claustrophobolis (dm2)
+ The Bad Place (dm4)
+ The Dark Zone (dm6)

Best-of-Three-Matches (tb3)
A regular game in the running season is a best-of-three match.
The higher seeded player decides if he wants to pick the first map and toss away as the latter or if he wants to pick the second map and toss away as the former.
Two examples for the rules follow. The player which is higher seeded is P1, the other player is P2.
Example 1)
- P1 decides to pick the first map.
- The next map is chosen by P2.
- If a third map is necessary four of the five maps in the map pool have to be tossed. The order in which the players toss is P2-P1-P2-P1. The remaining map is played.
Example 2)
- P1 decides that P2 has to pick the first map.
- The next map is chosen by P1.
- If a third map is necessary four of the five maps in the map pool have to be tossed. The order in which the players toss is P1-P2-P1-P2. The remaining map is played.

If both players are 1-1, the third map is decided by a coin toss (/cmd rnd Player#1 Player#2).

Match procedure

+ First map is decided by coin toss (/cmd rnd Player#1 Player#2)
+ The winner of the coin toss decides who picks first
+ If a decider map is needed the map that has not been played yet will be the decider.

Reporting games

Very important: The WINNER of the game reports the game (use screenshots, correct files have type: "*.jpg" ) and Admin confirms the report.

Scripting and cheats

+ cl_fakeshaft (only mentioned here as it used to be forbidden)
+ movementscripts (cl_idrive must be turned off)
+ kfjump
+ custom rocketjump scripts
+ Any other kind of movement scripts
+ Teamoverlay
+ Automated teamsays
+ Different enemy skins
+ Skin changing depending on health/armour/weapon
+ Custom models not allowed by f_modified
+ Hacked clients (recompiled quake-executables)
+ Coaching, (timing quad and other items, relaying enemy positions and giving teamplay suggestions)
+ Fakenicking

Server problems

+ The current map should be played to the end, no mather the servers condition
+ Admins will decide if a map should be replayed on another server

"If a server gives 2 or more spikes that result in 100% packetloss for player for more that 10seconds, the map should be replayed on another server if the player does not agree to the score/situation."

Warnings and disqualification

"2 warnings will result in disqualification/Removing from the league, there is no exceptions."

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